Across Ghana (sixteen regions), we partner with our valued customers whenever –wherever providing the right platform and support through our strategic business units: debt recovery, credit management, corporate training, accounting, auditing, financial advice, legal services, HR, and management consulting.

Debt Recovery

The prime focus of our company is to assist individuals and companies in retrieving their hard-earned money from their debtors. We rely on a “No Win, No Commission” or “No Recovery, No Fees” basis for our debt recovery businesses and pre-finance the collection.

RCL has four (4) tiers of approaches to debt recovery: taskforce, administration, legal, and execution. We have experienced case managers, investigators, and lawyers who have experience in debt recovery, and our pragmatic solutions have never failed, as we always preempt the actions of the defaulters and court rooms for speedy debt recovery.

Corporate Training

We rely on our expertise and robust, experienced training facilitators for corporate training in Ghana.

We have expertise in accounting, corporate governance, credit management, finance, marketing, HR and management consulting, customer service, system improvement, inventory, and taxation.

Credit Management

We have specialized in the preparation of credit policy manuals, sales agreements, reviews of credit risk appraisals, credit bureaus, management of exposures, and credit reporting management frameworks.

We work hard to ensure that our client’s credit or loan stock portfolio is not deteriorating, and write-offs are the least our eyes can see.


We have dedicated chartered accountants with a proven track record of experience who have distinguished themselves in account preparation and auditing, and their fair opinions on account statements cannot be materially questionable.


We offer excellent solutions to HR needs in the following areas:

1, Human Capital Architecture

  1. Training and capacity building
  2. HR outsourcing
  3. Payroll services
  4. Recruitment and placement
  5. Human resource audit
  6. Preparation of HR policies

2, Business Development

  1. Response to a specific request for proposal (RFP)
  2. Pricing
  3. Proposal writing, design, and development

3, Management Consulting

  1. Secretariat service
  2. Monitoring and evaluation
  3. Data Collection


Our experienced chartered accountants are allowed to prepare end-of-year accounts and financial statements for our clients in Ghana.

Our staff have been in the system for decades, and their reports cannot be overemphasized in the discharge of the professional mandate.

Financial Advice

We offer investment and financial advice to the public relative to insurance, stocks, bonds, fixed deposits, treasury bills, etc.

We are sure that our advice can guarantee your future success, and we have never failed our clients.

Legal Services

Rosik Consults Limited offers legal services to its clients across the entire country. We have lawyers who have experience in litigation, corporate law, tax law, intellectual law, block chain, healthcare law, environmental law, criminal law, civil rights, animal rights, immigration law, sports and entertainment law, labour law, family law, and education law.

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